as summer begins to fade


We are in the midst of such a perfect season here at home and as the summer begins to fade into autumn I am feeling a gentle tug towards making our home a little cozier for the coming months. There is something about each and every season that I love, a cold crisp winters morning, the awakening of spring, the long lazy days of summer and the cozy warmth of autumn. But what I love most is the subtle changes between each one and in particular, I love the gentle shift between summer and autumn. As September draws nearer there is almost a sense of renewal in the air, I guess it is a feeling that stems back to the halcyon days of my childhood, where September meant a new pencil case and a new school year.

Here at home, as the summer begins to fade and we slowly move towards autumn, I have teamed up with Laura Ashley to make a few subtle changes to our living room to welcome the coming season. Pop over to the Laura Ashley blog to see all the details.

An exciting blogging Announcement


I am delighted to let you know that this little blog has been nominated for an AMARA interior blog award under the craft and DIY category. I honestly can’t stop smiling, it is an honour to be nominated amongst a group of talented bloggers who’s work I really admire.

Keeping this little journal about our home, the seasons and family life is one of my passions, it is a joy to create and to sit down and write. Thank you so much for popping over here to read from time to time. I would be most honoured if you would like to vote for me – you can do that by clicking here to head over to the voting page, it only takes a moment and I may just get through to the final round!

Thank you so much.
Love Laura x

August // a celebration & A big Thank you


I wanted to bring together all that I have grown in our garden for this month’s Styling the Season post as a little floral celebration and a way of documenting just how much joy our garden has brought us this year – it is the first year that we have tended the garden and it really has been such a happy little process. Just look at all that colour and, my goodness, it smells so good! You will just have to believe me!

This month is sadly the last month that Katy and Charlotte are hosting the Styling the Seasons project and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big, BIG thank you to them both for inspiring me to pause each month, taking time to reflect on the changing season around me, and channeling those thoughts in a creative way by styling a surface within my home. The monthly project has been my favourite and I have always looked forward to sharing the posts with you, my readers. The project has been a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and Instagramers too,  the gallery (#StylingTheSeasons) is so inspirational from both a creative point of view and a mindful one too. We all live such busy lives don’t we, it can be hard to find the time to settle for a moment and to connect with our surrounding, but Styling the Seasons has been a great encourager for doing just that and I do hope to continue the journey and sharing my seasonal thoughts here on my blog.

A big thank you, Katy and Charlotte.
Love Laura x

Bringing nature into a child’s room

WeMadeThisHome_WoodlandKidsRoom2WeMadeThisHome 12WeMadeThisHome_WoodlandKidsRoomWeMadeThisHome_WoodlandKidsRoom5WeMadeThisHome_WoodlandKidsRoom3WeMadeThisHome_WoodlandKidsRoom1WeMadeThisHome_WoodlandKidsRoom4Nature provides some excellent, simplistic play material for young children with big imaginations, from crinkling leaves between small fingers to painting with soft feathers and sorting pine cones in and out of a basket. Even when Arthur was tiny, we would collect things we had found whilst out on our walks for him to touch and to grasp in his little hands.

As Arthur grows, I feel it is really important for him to learn about the seasons and about the nature that surrounds us and our little home. For me, simplicity is key when it comes to imaginative play and I really value the idea that natural and simplistic toys and found objects have a great and positive effect on a child’s development and exploration of self.

After a little walk at the weekend, where we gathered a few leaves, pinecones and seed heads, I decided to set up a little woodland inspired corner in Arthurs room where we played and explored together, talking about the way they felt in our hands and burying little woodland animals under a pile of leaves, sorting them into different containers and reading stories which hopefully made a few connections for him. If nothing else it was a fun little afternoon spent together.

Here are some of the things I have included in our nature corner:

  • Treasures found whilst out and about, such as leaves, pinecones and seed heads
  • Baskets and containers for sorting
  • Simple wooden woodland animals
  • Tactile pompons in various shades of green and blue to make a garland
  • Leaves threaded onto string for bunting, hung above the changing mat
  • Nature inspired prints. These are from Sarah and Bendrix and are so beautifully illustrated.
  • Books about nature. Our current favourites are, How to be a Wildflower by Katie Daisy, Natures Day, Slow Snail by Mary Murphy, Owls and Our Garden Birds by Matt Sewell