Have a beautiful day

Inspirational quotes are helping me through the tough times since Henry and Benjamin came peacefully into our world. Deep within my core being I know I have the courage to move through this with strength and positivity. I am planning a framed gallery of inspirational quotes to hang in our bedroom to remind us each day, when we wake up and when we go to sleep at night, that we are grateful for the life we have been given.

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Have a beautiful day.

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3 thoughts on “Have a beautiful day

  1. Bella Coco

    Such a lovely idea Laura! Your strength is astounding! Sending lots of positivity to you both in such a tough time! I love the 'be brave' print. I wanted to do something like this in my bathroom to look at each morning xx

  2. The Reed Warbler

    Love this idea, every quotes has so much truth in it. Admiration for the way you cope in such a tough time and with such a positive attitude. Makes me even more aware to enjoy the little things in life. Anita xo


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