DIY Seed Packets

Hello my dear readers, hope you are well, what lovely weather we are having here in the UK lately, it certainly feels like spring is on the way, doesn’t it? I have a little handmade project that I would love to share with you today. These seed packets are so simple to create and make perfect little gifts too. 
Feel free to print the template above to create your own seed packets. (Iv not ever shared a pattern or template on blogger before, so if any of you can shed light on how its done properly I would love to know and then I will upload a proper version)

Have a lovely weekend.
Love Laura 🙂

8 thoughts on “DIY Seed Packets

  1. Bella Coco

    This is so cute Laura! Thank you for sharing! I've had no ink in my printer for months! Think I may now have to go and replace it just to print some of these! I'm not sure if supplying templates like this, your supposed to do it as a PDF file? I'm not an expert and have never done it, but if I've downloaded before it tends to be on a PDF xx

  2. i_g

    It's my little girls theirs birthday and I hate all the plastic tat that comes i party bags so I have bought them all little plant pots and seeds and I was planning in making little bags so this is perfect thanks!


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