Styling The Seasons ~ February

This month has been all about slow living and taking it easy. With lots of plans on the horizon I have found myself daydreaming about the months ahead, spring beats any season for me, it is full of joy and optimism. The days are beginning to get ever so slightly longer now, the sun shines a little brighter and little shoots of early spring are beginning to pop up in the garden, which fills me with such happiness. It’s still a little chilly here, so I have been enjoying the morning sunshine from the warmth of my little makeshift window seat with blankets and tea.

I thought it may be quite nice to make this relaxed corner the feature for February’s Styling The Seasons post. Styling The Seasons is a little feature set up by Katy and Charlotte encouraging us to take notice of the changing seasons and to reflect them within our homes. It’s such a great way of injecting a sense of life into little corners. Often, I find the interior here at home can remain static for months, but taking time to shuffle my treasures around means that our home is very much alive, it organically grows as we grow and its personality is always evolving as ours does… I love that idea don’t you?

I have pushed the otterman into the sunniest spot next to our French-doors which look out onto the garden to create a relaxing area where I have been spending time crocheting, reading magazines and blogging with a cup of tea at my side and the sun warming my face! Total bliss.

Cozy blankets and cushions add a comfort and I have also set up a little ‘table’ perfect for keeping my tea at hand, made from an old wooden crate and some box files I covered the other day in Laura Ashley wallpaper these are the perfect addition for storing bits and pieces I may need to hand whilst keeping them out of site.

My love for these gorgeous dried hydrangea blooms continue, the delicate petrels are reminders of last summers warmer weather and the colours are just beautiful.

How’s your February been, are you longing for warmer days or enjoying the cozy months of winter? Sitting here in my little makeshift window seat I feel I have the best of both, the warm sunshine and the comfort of cozy blankets and cushions… PERFECT
Love Laura xxx
(Laura Ashley kindly sent me my choice of wallpaper for the box file project and a cushion to use as part of this post) 

8 thoughts on “Styling The Seasons ~ February

  1. Sallytangle

    This is beautiful! I have been so enjoying reading the Styling The Seasons posts – i must get my bottom into gear and get in on them as they're such a wonderful idea. I am so ready for Spring. We keep getting up here in Cumbria with it – an odd warm {ish} day with bright blue skies and a warmer breeze, only followed by torrential sideways rain and wind so strong it burns your cheeks! Consequently we have jars of anemones, daffodils and hyacinths in as many rooms as i can squash them into! Beautiful photos xxxx

  2. Ashlea Kerr

    I live on the east coast of Australia, so we are now in our final days of Summer. Summer is my favourite season, so I am already pining for it! Your February looks beautiful, enjoy the change in the season and the changes and new horizons it brings x A

  3. Laura Goble

    Thank you Charlotte, this was a lovely corner to style and I have really enjoyed sitting here since thinking up the idea at the beginning gof the month and now the weather is getting brighter its a great spot for a morning cup of tea


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