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Our kitchen is tiny, I was a little apprehensive about the space – or the lack of space when we started the renovations on the house, but with some though and planning and the help of our family we managed to work out a suitable layout that ensured all the kitchen essentials had room and thankfully we have managed to make the space work perfectly for our family needs. I remember reading once that a small but well organised kitchen can work just as well as a large one! By keeping worktops (fairly) clear and gadgets to an absolute minimum the kitchen works perfectly for us, although my husband and I can often be found dancing in the small space first thing in the morning trying to make coffee, get breakfast and make a packed lunch without stepping on each others toes!

Here are some of the things we have included in our tiny kitchen:

  • Varying shades of white and neutral make the space feel calm and airy, it also helps to open up the room. We have kept our walls, tiles, blinds and shelves all the same colour and have accessorised with neutrals and a pop of mint green to add a little interest.
  • We thought it would be nice to make the little details special and have chosen some lovely little brass handles and catches to use on our cupboards and drawers which adds character and charm. I also really love the little towel rail too, it was the first thing I bought for the kitchen and looks great with pretty tea towels on it.
  • Glass storage jars are a great way to keep food fresher for longer and its really easy to see how much you have left. I find it really pleasing to open our food cupboard to find our rice, pasta, cereals, flour etc all neatly stored in jars, a calm pallet of biscuity shades rather than lots of different bright coloured packaging, its an aesthetic thing really but why not make the simplest of things in life beautiful?
  • Wooden utensils and brushes simply make a job feel more joyful
  • Using a sunny kitchen windowsill is the perfect spot for growing herbs and seedlings. On our windowsill we currently have a pot of basil and a small pot of mint which smell of summer, a magnolia cutting which we are hoping will grow some roots and a tiny little hydrangea seedling which I grew from a cutting last year. Having fresh herbs and plants in the kitchen really helps to freshen the space up.
  • Open shelving makes a great feature point, it is my favourite part of our kitchen. I love arranging and rearranging my favourite jugs, vases and vintage finds on them, it is more about the visual aesthetic for me rather than practicality, although I do sometimes swap things about and keep cereals and rice in glass jars for example. I think open shelving really works when colours are kept to a minimum so the space doesn’t look over crowded and too busy. The newest addition to our shelves is the vintage Salter scales, which I have lusted over for years, I finally managed to purchase some after a friend on Instagram was selling hers, they are perfect.

What are your favourite kitchen details at home, how do you like to organise the space?


2 thoughts on “Small Kitchen Details

  1. Anthony Dawson

    Really nice, but where do you find those beautiful vintage home/kitchen trinkets?
    You must spend hours searching for them in second hand shops, flee markets or is it just eBay?

    I’m jealous. I really love the (and I’m not sure this is a thing) circler pizza chopping board, I want one haha!


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