June // eagerly awaiting the peony


June has been all kinds of wonderful, we have been so so busy this month with visits to see good friends, play dates and even a little bit of freelance work squeezed in for good measure which has been just great. And off cause June is the peonies flowering season, which, for me at least, is most anticipated since they are a firm favourite of mine, I couldn’t imagine a summer garden without them.

I have looked forward to putting this months Styling the Seasons post together for a while now and knew I wanted feature our garden grown peonies. However, after eagerly waiting for the flowers to bloom, I was most disappointed we only got three flower heads and they had been battered by the rain over night – such a shame, but I guess thats the way things go sometimes… My parents, however, have been lucky and their pink peony has been looking absolutely beautiful so before it went over I just had to pinch snip off a few blooms to bring home to enjoy this week.

In amongst the business of this month I wanted to carve out a moment of calm just for me to enjoy, I set aside a little time to create and photograph this little table scene which is always something that gives me great pleasure. I wanted to focus on the beauty of my favourite bloom and I have chosen to style them on my old table with a beautiful piece of old crumpled fabric, I love the torn edges and creases for a rustic look. I have styled the blooms in my new hopped churn jug which is from the Burleigh Pottery Natural Whiteware range and popped two unopened buds in a little milk glass. I have also shuffled about some prints on the wall and have made room to included my favourite quote “do small things with with great love” which is a great reminder to live simply, to seek out the things that give you pleasure and to take time over the things you enjoy even if it is just taking half an hour out to arrange your favourite blooms in a jug.

Styling The Seasons is a monthly project set up by Katy and Charlotte, an idea that challenges us to be mindful of the changing season from month to month and how it can be reflected within our homes. It’s a great excuse to shuffle furniture around and play “stylist” with our favourite things. It is also a really great way of taking a moment within our busy lives to think about how we feel and how our surroundings can reflect positivity, I hope you have found some beauty this month too.

Thank you to the lovely folk at Burliegh Pottery who have collaborated with me this month – what a beautiful collection of tableware to peruse!  

4 thoughts on “June // eagerly awaiting the peony

  1. Katy

    This is so, so beautiful! And Burleighware is my favourite – I have this jug and it is so perfect for flowers. Love the soft pinks xx

    1. Laura Goble Post author

      Thank you so much Katy. This has been my favourite Styling the Seasons post to put together I just love the calm pinks of the peonies, a firm favourite. Have a lovely day. x

    1. Laura Goble Post author

      Thank you Janice, they are my favourite they just had to feature in this months Styling the Seasons. So great to find your lovely blog the other day.
      Love Laura x


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