Spring rain soy candle


“Spring Rain: Seedlings pop through the earth, the bird bath fills to the top;
children splash in the puddles. Clover leaves and aloe.”

Today it rained on and off, but we managed to dodge the showers and spend a little time out in the garden getting some fresh air, splashing in puddles and gathering flowers that hadn’t lost their petals in the rain. It’s lovely to notice how lush everything looks after a shower, all covered in raindrop jewels that glisten in the returning light. Back inside we kicked off our boots and pulled up our thick wooly socks (a typical rainy day habit here even if it is June) and arranged our flowers in various jars, whilst burning our new favourite soy candle called Spring Rain – it seemed like the perfect day to tell you all about it.

My friend at The Little Green Door sent it to me a few weeks ago as part of a little gift swap we did. It is a really fragrant soy candle which smells just as you would imagine a fresh spring day to smell just after it had rained. Its gentle aroma of clover leaves and aloe is both refreshing and invigorating, perfect for lifting your spirits and easing you into a new day, which is why it’s our favourite candle to light at the moment.

What are your favourite scents of spring?

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