July // Seeking the light


I love this time of year when the evening light is golden. I caught the last of the fading sun yesterday just as it was dipping behind the rooftops, casting pools of light and dark across this old wooden chest that belonged to my grandpa many years ago. I have filled one of the drawers with some pretty roses that I rescued from the rain.

I have been thinking a lot about what this month means to me and how I can reflect that in my Styling the Seasons post for July. It has been a month of many mixed emotions, with sadness in the news and sadness a little closer to home too. With that said though, I have had a lovely month with my little family and friends old and new.

The thing that has been on my mind almost continuously this month is my faith as a Christian, I felt a little lost and needed some guidance and direction, and guess what… I believe my prayer was answered. I met a mother – a new friend – at a children’s birthday party recently who spoke to me about her faith so openly, much of what she said answered the questions I had been seeking the answers too and it really inspired me to look inward. Was it just chance that we joined in conversation? Or was it a greater forces that led us to that moment, because we, in fact, prayed for help on our journies as Christians? I feel that moments like that are real testament that God does work within us if we are willing to take notice.

And so, I guess my styled surface for July reflects the light and the dark that I have experienced this month through my own personal journies, reminding me to be grateful for all that I have, to seek out the answers to questions from within and to love with my whole heart.

Styling The Seasons is a monthly project set up by Katy and Charlotte, an idea that challenges us to be mindful of the changing season from month to month and how it can be reflected with in our homes. It is also a really great way of taking a moment within our busy lives to think about how we feel and how our surroundings can reflect positivity.

9 thoughts on “July // Seeking the light

  1. Ange Seddon

    Thankyou for this, I’ve been feeling the same lately, I’m just grateful for God who loves me even at my lowest. Xxx

    1. Laura Goble Post author

      Hello, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, it’s amazing how these little connections occur and help us on your journey. I hope you find a way through your thoughts. Lots of love xxx

      1. Ange

        Thankyou. With the Lords help I know I will. “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I ” psalm 61v2 xxx

  2. Julie Ratcliffe

    It’s so easy to get lost in our own thoughts about our faith, but I believe that God never stops listening. Even if we stop talking to him he still hears the desires of our hearts and sends us what we need. Your new Christian friend proof of that. God bless you Laura, I love your blog. xx

    1. Laura Goble Post author

      It is such a comfort to hear that amongst the business of out daily lives He still knows the desires of our heart. Thank you for your lovely comment Julie x

  3. Janice

    What a beautifully written post and I love how you have found your needs met. I always think God shows up , knows what we need. These photos are just gorgeous. Love, love, love! xx

  4. Heather

    It’s funny I follow you on IG but have only just clicked through to your blog tonight and it really resonated. I’ve had a difficult few weeks and the question of Christianity and where I sit with it has been bubbling away. Timely! X

  5. Katy

    Beautiful words and such beautiful styling, Laura. What a harrowing month it has been in so many ways with so much suffering around the world and an important reminder to feel gratitude for all the good that we have xxx

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