Lavender & oatmeal Bath soak


Nothing marks the passing of time quite like the simple act of folding away baby clothes and blankets that no longer fit or are used, a sentimental act that left me clinging on to the hope that one day we will use them again. As I was folding away some muslin cloths to add to a bundle of freshly laundered baby grows ready for the loft, I remembered a DIY project I had seen recently in the Cabbages and Roses Natural Housekeeping book to make oatmeal bath soaks which looked and sounded like the perfect mama treat.

I wanted to create a relaxing bath soak so I have included some dried lavender in mine and with a little trial and error, I found that an equal measure of oats and lavender worked well to ensure a perfect fragrance. And oh my goodness the oats really do leave the skin feeling soft!

To make your own bath soak you will need:

  • old muslin cloths (thinner ones with a loose warp and weft work best)
  • organic porridge oats
  • dried lavender and/or a bunch of herbs
  • string and scissors

To make the bath soak cut squares from your old muslin cloths approximately 20cm x 20cm and place a handful of the oats and lavender in the centre of each square, gather in the corners of the cloth and secure it tightly with a piece of string to form a bag. Drop the bag into a nice warm bath at the end of the day and relax.

I am going to try some more versions using a mix of herbs as well as the lavender, what would you mix together to create the ultimate fragrance, perhaps lavender and rosemary?

Have a lovely day
Laura x

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