Sweet Roasted Peaches

WeMadeThisHome_RoastedPeaches3WeMadeThisHome_RoastedPeaches1WeMadeThisHome_RoastedPeaches2And so summer has finally arrived here in our little corner of the world. This week has been truly beautiful, long slow sunny days, seeking shade beneath the big tree bottom of the garden and splashing in a makeshift paddling pool. It seems like perfect timing to share this simple recipe with you. Peaches make a delicious summer treat and we have been enjoying these after dinner most days this week.


juicy ripe peaches
a sprinkle of soft brown sugar
a drizzle of honey
toasted almond flakes
natural yoghurt


Halve the peaches and remove the stones. Pop them on a baking tray and drizzle with a little honey and a small sprinkling of soft brown sugar. Roast them in a hot oven for about 10-15 minutes or until the sugar begins to caramelise.

Serve with natural yoghurt and toasted almonds.


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