as summer begins to fade


We are in the midst of such a perfect season here at home and as the summer begins to fade into autumn I am feeling a gentle tug towards making our home a little cozier for the coming months. There is something about each and every season that I love, a cold crisp winters morning, the awakening of spring, the long lazy days of summer and the cozy warmth of autumn. But what I love most is the subtle changes between each one and in particular, I love the gentle shift between summer and autumn. As September draws nearer there is almost a sense of renewal in the air, I guess it is a feeling that stems back to the halcyon days of my childhood, where September meant a new pencil case and a new school year.

Here at home, as the summer begins to fade and we slowly move towards autumn, I have teamed up with Laura Ashley to make a few subtle changes to our living room to welcome the coming season. Pop over to the Laura Ashley blog to see all the details.

One thought on “as summer begins to fade

  1. The Swedish Wildflower

    Such beautiful photography Laura and just like you I also enjoy the changes in seasons. I’m so glad we’ve such distinct seasons here in Sweden because I love each and every one of them. Some maye a little more than others but I wouldn’t want to be without any of them. And summer has been just fantastic this year so it feels good to soon be embracing all that beauty that is autumn. 🙂

    Take care Laura.



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