Our stay at The Welsh House


the-welsh-house8wemadethishome_thewelshhouse12the-welsh-house3wemadethishome_thewelshhouse18Come & enjoy the simplistic pleasures of the countryside at The Welsh House

Bryn Eglur, an idyllic self-catering cottage tucked away in a quiet corner of Carmarthenshire, away from all the hustle and bustle of modern day living. With no wifi or phone signal, it is a real chance disconnect from technology, reconnect with yourself and enjoy the simplistic pleasures that come with spending time in the countryside.

We arrived late in the afternoon to be greeted by owner and creator, Dorian Bowen, who showed us around and made us feel right at home. Dorian stayed a little while, and over coffee we chatted about his passion for creating his beautiful holiday cottages and how he has sympathetically restored Bryn Eglur, translating his vision into a tangible space which has been enjoyed by all who have stayed there, you only have to read the pages of visitors book to know he has captured the magic within the walls of such an old place. We also chatted about the beautiful garden that surrounds the cottage his love of painting, our shared passion for Instagram and capturing the ever-changing beauty of the seasons (you can follow his account here)wemadethishome_thewelshhouse2

the-welsh-house2wemadethishome_thewelshhouse4After Dorian left, we unpacked our things and began to explore our home from home. The kitchen/dining room is the heart of the cottage, warmed by a cherry red Rayburn. Two barn doors connect the room with the garden on both sides and light streams in through the sash windows making the room feel light and airy. I loved how the autumn sunshine cast dappled light across the large dining table.wemadethishome_thewelshhouse25


The bedroom upstairs was my favourite room in the cottage, it is calm and relaxing and makes the perfect space to hunker down at the end of the day with a good book. Lime-washed walls and white linen gave the room a feeling of simplicity, whilst the old wooden beams, oak flooring and woolen blankets added warmth and texture making it feel every bit cozy. Faded roses gathered from the garden, sat in simple glass vessels on the windowsills, the autumn sun glowing through their pale petals was a sight of pure beauty. At the end of the room a doorway amongst the rustic wood paneling, reveals a secret room complete with a cabin bed made from old reclaimed timber, a perfect hideaway for little ones or adults alike.wemadethishome_thewelshhouse15

wemadethishome_thewelshhouse20the-welsh-house5img_5586wemadethishome_thewelshhouse17The next morning we woke just before the sun rose. Pulling on our wellies and jumpers over our pyjamas we headed out to watch it rise, turning the white stone walls of the old cottage pink for a moment. Arthur was in his element running around, free-spirited and crunching through the fallen leaves. The garden is as magical as the cottage, a little stream babbles alongside ancient trees covered in moss and tiny ferns, ivy trailing from the branches above. We collected leaves, gathered flowers and made a simplistic autumn wreath. Later that day we explored the local area and stopped for a paddle in the sea at Temby and enjoyed fish and chips on the beach.

A weekend getaway here at The Welsh House is highly recommended if you are looking for somewhere to relax and unwind.

Many thanks to Dorian for our wonderful stay at Bryn Eglur.

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