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Simple Rolled Beeswax candles

We have recently been enjoying burning our own rolled beeswax candles, especially at breakfast time now that the mornings are so dark. There is something quite special about starting our day this way, despite it usually being a rush to get up and out. Lighting a candle seems to bring a little peace amongst the hustle and bustle of the morning rush.

I first discovered these wonderfully simple homemade candles over on Polly’s blog (here) and I couldn’t wait to have a go myself. I ordered the beeswax sheets and wick in bulk from Live Moor, the wax is 100% pure and natural. Did you know that burning beeswax candles actually helps to purify the air in your home?

Here’s how to make your own simple candles: Cut the beeswax sheet to size and warm it between your palms to make it malleable, this will prevent it from cracking when it’s rolled. I find warming my hands on my coffee mug first to be best! Then take the wick and tightly fold the wax around it before rolling up. Smoothe the edge with your fingertip to finish it off. Simple!

As we are fast approaching the gift giving season I have decided that these would make the perfect simple gift to give to our friends and family, handmade gifts are the best aren’t they? We have tied our candles together with twine and added seedheads, sprigs of fir or eucalyptus to make them feel extra special.

Are you making any of your Christmas gifts this year?

Thank you Polly for the wonderful idea.

Wreath making with Pod & Pip

Wreath making marks the beginning of the festivities for us here, it has become a little bit of a tradition now after six years of decorating our front door at the beginning of December,  I love making things for our home especially at this time of year. I think the wreath we have made this time may be my favourite, not least because it looks and smells beautiful but because my boy helped me make.

I was delighted when Sarah from Pod & Pip got in touch a while back to ask if I would like to try one of their winter wreath-making kits, which comes compleat with all you need to create your own wreath, including a copper hoop, floristry wire, moss and plenty of fresh seasonal greenery and berries. It really is a treat to receive such a beautiful package through the post and set aside some time to get creative. This would make such a wonderful gift for a friend too.

I love how this wreath has turned out, not least because Arthur and I made some happy memories together but because it has turned out really beautiful, much prettier than any of the wreaths I have made in the past. There was plenty of fresh fir and eucalyptus in the box to really fill it out and I love the deep blue berries as something a little different.

Do you like to make a wreath for your door over the festive season? My top tip for keeping your wreath looking fresh all season is to lay it on the lawn overnight every now and again to keep the moss damp.

preparing our home for autumn

Today has been one of those lovely crisp September days where the sun shone and the sky was blue. I love the notable shift in the season between summer and autumn, the dip in temperature as our corner of the world tilts away from the sun. The subtle change in light and the colours of the leaves on the trees as they begin to fade into a patchwork of jaded greens, reds and yellows, have you noticed it yet? 

September around here has always been a welcomed chance to start afresh, this year especially. We spent lovely hazy summer cocooned in our newborn baby bubble, it felt lovely and care-free not needing to be anywhere or do anything. But with the coming of autumn, I am ready to set some intentions for the months ahead and find our groove as we settle into a new season as a family of four. Here are a few things I will be doing in the coming weeks to prepare our home for autumn:

// Sorting and washing all our woollen blankets and throws so they are lovely and fresh when the evenings get a little chilly.

// Giving the floor a good old scrub after weeks of little feet running barefoot in and out of the garden.

// Sourcing and making candles. One thing that defines a cozy home in autumn, for me, is burning fragrant candles, especially if the weather is a little bit gloomy. Last winter we lit a candle in the morning at breakfast time it was a lovely start to the day and something I will reintroduce now that the mornings aren’t quite as warm. Iv recently discovered The Botanical Candle Co for beautiful, hand poured, soy candles that not only smell divine but come in some gorgeous repurposed vintage vessels and stoneware, I highly recommend having a little look at what they have on offer. I am also going to attempt to make some beeswax candles. I have lots of wax left over after making these food wraps here and I have recently purchased some sheets of natural beeswax to roll my own candles.

// Apple picking. I’m looking forward to stocking the freezer with stewed apple and making apple crumble because nothing says autumn more than crumble and custard, right?

// A simple evening routine. The hours between dinner time and bedtime used to be so simple, we’d fallen into a lovely little routine that saw our eldest fall asleep in my arms soon after a story. Things now seem to be taking hours and juggling the demands of both little ones leave me feeling exhausted by the time they are both asleep. Over the coming weeks I want to find a simple bedtime routine that will keep us all calm and feeling restful. If you have any advice please do leave a comment below I would love to hear.  

// Self-care. Carving out a little time to take care of myself has been quite low on my list of priorities lately. I am sure I am not alone in this and many of you will be familiar with the feeling. There are not enough hours in the day to do it all, let alone carve out time to nourish our own souls. But I have come to realise that it may be the most important thing we could do for ourselves and our families, because if we feel refuelled – creatively, spiritually and mentally then we will have the energy to continue “giving” to our families. I would like to read more, to look after my skin, to practice the things that give me joy (other than being a mother). I think if I were to be a little more organised than I may just find a way to free up some all-important me time.

Have you set any good intentions and goals for the months ahead?

Peace & Light // Memories of May

May is a beautiful month and this May has been no exception with plenty of time spent outside in the fresh air and sunshine. However, I can not post this month’s memories without mentioning the sadness has touched the hearts of so many after the awful attack in Manchester leaving many families grieving the loss of loved ones. As a mother, I can not help but want to bundle my boy up and keep him safe forever, but a big part of parenthood is to learn to let go of those little hands and let them explore their own little world. I have been reminded that the most important thing we can teach our children above all else is love – to love and be loved wholeheartedly – and to remind them that gratitude and kindness can make this broken world a better place.

My lovely friend bought me a peace lily earlier this month to bring me peace throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, which is such a lovely and thoughtful gift idea for expectant mamas in the final weeks before birth. I have put it on the fireplace in the living room and I must say it really has a calming effect. We have just a mere few weeks to go before welcoming our baby into the world and I have begun to gather things together in preparation for his arrival. I know newborns don’t need an awful lot, but it does make me feel happy to fold tiny vests and to get organised. I have also hung a sweet cloud mobile above our bed which a friend made for us after Arthur was born.

The weather here has been super this month and we’ve not been governed too much by the pressures of time, allowing for a slower pace in which to enjoy just being together. We have been out for lots of walks, planted up an old sink with herbs, we made a (pretend) campfire at the bottom of the garden under the big tree and I have even surrendered to taking daytime naps whilst my boy sleeps next to me. Sleeping in the day is not something I usually like to do but I’m beginning to feel the need to rest up whilst I can.

Hope you had a good month.