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Linen Cupboard Update With Chalk Paint By Annie Sloan

We have a beautiful old linen cupboard that once belonged to a great uncle, then my aunty, before being passed on to us. I love its shape and it’s the perfect size for our family needs.

It’s a beautiful old cupboard and has sentimental value because it was loving restored by my aunty, but the wood was too dark for my taste as I like our home to feel light and bright. Thanks to Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan I was able to give this little linen cupboard the perfect makeover to freshen up one of the darkest little corners of our home. I love the results so much.

I have painted lots of furniture here at home in the past, in favour of giving old pieces a new lease of life and creating a calm and relaxed vibe by choosing pale colours. Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan are my favourite because they are so easy to use and the variety of techniques available means you can achieve some really beautiful and creative finishes. I have often opted for the simple paint and wax technique which I have always been really pleased with, but this time I wanted to try something a little bit different. I love the rustic french chipped paint look which can be achieved in a couple of different ways using two or three different colours from the range.

I simply gave the cupboard a coat of Old White Chalk Paint first allowing it to dry fully before painting all the edges with Scandinavian Pink. Once the pink was dry I waxed the edges with Annie Sloan Clear Wax, this meant that once a final coat of Old white was added to the whole cupboard I was able to chip back the top layer (with a pallet knife and sandpaper) along the edges revealing the pink beneath it, creating a rustic chipped paint effect. And finally, I waxed the whole cupboard to seal the paint and protect it.

Do you love to upcycle old furniture? I love the words on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint paint mixer (see the fourth image down) PAINT EVERYTHING! yep! that’s what I like to do here!

Laura x

This post was written in collaboration with Annie Sloan who kindly sent me the pots of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan brushes to use. Thank you for supporting the brands I love.

A winters Tale #DifferenceMakesUs


Gather up the season into your favourite basket, red and green, berries and fir, soft leafy twigs and all the things that smell as fresh as a winters morning. Sit a while and twist what you have into a simple wreath to hang on your door. This is one of the ways I love to welcome the festive season ahead.

A couple of weeks ago I got together with my sister to make our Christmas wreath, eat chocolate and listen to Christmas music – it has become a lovely little tradition over the last few years and one I look forward to with great joy. Do you like to make your own Christmas wreath?


I also wanted to share my new dress with you, it is the most perfect shade of pink, gorgeously floaty and I love it so. Etsy, an online marketplace, asked if I would like to join them with their #DifferenceMakesUs campaign, celebrating our own individual style. I jumped at the chance and went straight to one of my favourite Etsy sellers, Son De Flor, to purchase this dress that I have lusted after for a long long time.

I love this smock dress, handmade from beautiful linen with its loose fit and timeless style. And, I also love what it represents too:

“Son de Flor is about slowing down. Coming back home. Sharing laughs around the dining table. It’s about feeling comfortable in our own skin. About not needing to be better nor faster. Son de Flor is about You, not fashion, not even style. It’s about a modest dress outstanding in the crowd with no need for explanation. No chase of the seasons, no new nor old trends. Time-less. Feminine. Charming. Subtle.” Son De Flor.

Doesn’t that sound perfect? Do pop over here to see their collection of beautiful dresses, you may also like to read their blog too.

Love Laura x

Homemade Botanical Sugar Scrub Featuring Hammam & Home


wemadethishome_botanicalsugarscrub5wemadethishome_botanicalsugarscrub6Summer seems to have slipped away over the past week, there is definitely a sense of autumn in the air, it’s my favourite time of the year. You may have heard me mention a few times here on the blog that our garden has given us so much pleasure this season, we have grown and gathered so many beautiful flowers, keeping all corners of our home feeling warm and well loved. We have also pressed and dried many petals too as a lasting memory of what we have found and grown. The roses, in particular, have been my favourite this year and I managed to dry a whole dish full of beautifully scented pink and yellow petals.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them at first, but then I had an idea to mix up a potion, just like something I remember from my childhood days, although perhaps – and hopefully you would agree – a little more sophisticated!!!! My skin has been looking quite dull and in need of a ‘pick-me-up’, so I thought a botanical sugar scrub would be the perfect dry skin remedy and a perfect opportunity to use up our dried rose petals. I have combined them with three simple ingredients: essential oils, sugar and coconut oil, all of which are natural and kind to the skin. The result is a lovely pure scrub which leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and I am really excited to share it with you. I find making time to create things for our home gives me a real sense of joy, especially when it promotes well-being and self-care. Here’s how:


  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil
    (I have used lavender oil here but next time I think I will experiment with a combination)
  • 2 tablespoons of dried rose petals
  • 1 tablespoon of dried lavender

The method is as simple as adding all the ingredients into a clean jar and mixing together until fully combined and looking pretty. Rub into damp skin and feel relaxed as the petals wash away leaving your skin feeling silky soft.

Thank you to Hammam & Home who sent the beautiful towels featured in this post, I love them. The Hammam towels are a beautiful contemporary design, made from 100% Aegean cotton and are hand loomed by skilled artisans, in Aegean region of Turkey, using ancient techniques passed down through family generations. The long cotton fibres and the way in which they have been flat-woven ensures that they become more absorbent and softer the more you use and wash them, making them feel super luxurious.
Note: Do ensure you use pure essential oils rather than synthetic ones and do a patch test to make sure you are not sensitive to them before using.

Lavender & oatmeal Bath soak


Nothing marks the passing of time quite like the simple act of folding away baby clothes and blankets that no longer fit or are used, a sentimental act that left me clinging on to the hope that one day we will use them again. As I was folding away some muslin cloths to add to a bundle of freshly laundered baby grows ready for the loft, I remembered a DIY project I had seen recently in the Cabbages and Roses Natural Housekeeping book to make oatmeal bath soaks which looked and sounded like the perfect mama treat.

I wanted to create a relaxing bath soak so I have included some dried lavender in mine and with a little trial and error, I found that an equal measure of oats and lavender worked well to ensure a perfect fragrance. And oh my goodness the oats really do leave the skin feeling soft!

To make your own bath soak you will need:

  • old muslin cloths (thinner ones with a loose warp and weft work best)
  • organic porridge oats
  • dried lavender and/or a bunch of herbs
  • string and scissors

To make the bath soak cut squares from your old muslin cloths approximately 20cm x 20cm and place a handful of the oats and lavender in the centre of each square, gather in the corners of the cloth and secure it tightly with a piece of string to form a bag. Drop the bag into a nice warm bath at the end of the day and relax.

I am going to try some more versions using a mix of herbs as well as the lavender, what would you mix together to create the ultimate fragrance, perhaps lavender and rosemary?

Have a lovely day
Laura x