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After a long grey winter

It has been so long since I last popped over here to write, my energy levels have been low and my enthusiasm has been lost, a long and very grey winter has passed but thankfully tiny signs of spring are beginning to emerge and with it I have found my enthusiasm again.

We began this year with some sad and worrying news for our family, my dad has been diagnosed with cancer, it has knocked us all and has of cause been a worry for my dad who is dealing with it. He has recently received the best possible news that the cancer is small and slow-growing and so we are hoping and praying that with the help and care from the doctors he will make a full recovery.

I have also been caught in the middle of an emotional mix of anxiety and pure joy over the past few months – we are expecting a baby and utterly thrilled to be extending our little family later this summer. Pregnancy after loss is a tough journey to navigate, the fear of losing another child grips me so tight, leaving me feeling frightened and unable to trust my body to do something that should be so natural and so joyful. However, with that said, the weeks do seem to be flying by this time, with each day and each tiny movement that I feel I am trying my best to put the worry aside and enjoy the journey towards holding our littlest member of the family in my arms safe and well.

Despite this winter feeling like a long and hard slog, we have managed to make plenty of lovely memories along the way and have some good times to look back on, here are some of the things we have been enjoying:

  • Clearing the garden, collecting seeds ready for the year ahead and planting winter flowers to brighten up the grey days
  • seeing the bulbs we planted back in November emerge from the ground
  • Winter walks
  • Visiting National Trust gardens (look at these snowdrops!)
  • Hot chocolates a plenty
  • An impromptu trip to the Cotswolds (how very sweet is the blue shepherd hut I spied in the garden above)
  • Seeing the newest member of the family at our scan 12 and 20 week scan

memories of 2016















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This has been a great year with so many lovely memories made, here are a few of the things I have loved:

  • Tending to our little garden and watching it flourish through the seasons
  • Launching my new look blog and being nominated for an AMARA interior blog award
  • Arthurs first birthday
  • Time spent with family and friends
  • Our home featuring in a magazine
  • Den building in the sunshine
  • Setting myself up as a freelance graphic designer
  • The Good Life Experience
  • Collaborating with some great brands (here, here and here)
  • Our holiday at The Welsh House
  • Rediscovering my faith and finding a new church family at Vineyard 53
  • Seeing our son grow and develop, he is such a happy soul

I am so very grateful for all that we have seen and done together as a little family and hold the many memories we have made together so very close to my heart. It is, however, so very difficult at this time of year to acknowledge the begging of a “happy new year” when the sting of grief still feels so very raw, this time three years ago we eagerly anticipated the arrival of our twins whose hearts stopped beating before their lives had begun. My heart is heavy as we mark the anniversary of their death, but as I look back on all the love and happiness I have felt with my little family over this past year I know that they watch over us from above.

Blessings for the new year friends and thank you for following my journey this year.

Laura x

sitting amongst the buttercups


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Recently we have been heading out across the fields after dinner for an evening walk, gathering wild flowers to bring back home and sitting amongst the buttercups as the sun dips behind the leafy green trees on the horizon, highlighting everything golden before the light fades into dusk.

These are the moments that I find the most uplifting, they nourish my soul and they are the ones I want to remember forever. They are the unplanned adventures that bring the most joy and make me feel so thankful for the gift of motherhood.

What are your favourite things to do on a sunny evening?

Building childhood memories


I am a firm believer that the simplest of days can bring the most joy especially the ones that are not planned or orchestrated. They are the days that create life lasting happy memories especially when the family is drawn together and time is carved out to simply enjoy each others company. Last weekend was testament to that, the sun shone on our little corner of the world as we headed out into the garden with a bundle of cushions and blankets under our arms and raided the shed for some den building essentials – bamboo canes, string, safety pins and scissors were all we needed to build the best den ever and the time we spent together was lovely.

My husbands boy scout instincts kicked in as he constructed the frame for our den, tying a knot in the string that any scout would have been proud of. Arthur, wobbly on his feet, tested out the strength of daddies frame which was robust enough not to have been knocked over and I added the finishing touches by pinning our beautiful Mori blanket to the frame and added cushions and bunting – because no den is complete without bunting, right! We spent most of the day in the garden soaking up the sunshine and fresh air, Arthur pottered in and out of his den whilst Richard and I enjoyed the time spent together as a little family. At the end of the day we carried a sleepy boy up to his bed and lay him down to dream.

To build a den you will need:

  • blankets & cushions
  • 4 bamboo canes
  • string & scissors
  • safety pins

Push the canes into the grass a suitable distance from each other so that it will fit the size of your blanket. Tie the ends of the canes together to create two “A” frames and run a piece of string between them. Then drape a blanket over the string and use safety pins along the edges to secure it to the frame. Add cushions and bunting.

What are your favourite simple days?

Thank you to Mori who sent us the sweet organic cotton blanket, which was perfect for our little den and snuggling up at bedtime. Pop over to their website here to take a look at their beautiful collection of organic cotton and bamboo baby clothes and blankets.