At home in Spring

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Spring is here in ernest and I have noticed a definite shift in the season, from the cold grey days of winter to the fresh and brighter days of spring. The buds on the trees are just about to unfurl, the days are that bit longer and our home feels so much brighter, it is a most welcomed change.

Waking up to sunlight is probably one of the most uplifting changes of the season, even more so when the birds can be heard from the window as the curtains are pulled back in the morning. It’s amazing how the coming of spring can really lift moods, I am feeling so much more energised, shedding the layers of winter and welcoming the longer days with open arms, letting the fresh air in through open windows and gathering spring flowers to bring inside.

I though I would share some of the ways we are welcoming spring into our home:

  • Waking up bright and early
  • Starting the day with coffee and homemade honey and oats granola topped with lots of fresh fruit (find the the recipe here it’s delicious)
  • Getting out in the garden, dodging rain clouds and getting some much needed vit-d
  • Raking up fallen leaves, cutting back last years old growth and planting seeds with Arthur
  • Bringing spring blooms inside. Jam jars of picked flowers are the very best
  • Opening all the windows, even if its just for a few minutes
  • Reading books about nature to Arthur – Natures Day is a beautiful book
  • Lighting scented candles that smell as fresh as the season
  • Growing herbs on the kitchen windowsill
  • Putting the fairy lights away until autumn

How are you welcoming the spring into your home?

Have a great week.
Laura x

2 thoughts on “At home in Spring

    1. Laura Goble Post author

      Hi Gemma how are you? thank you for taking the time to write. The Lighter evenings are so welcomed aren’t they, I love that the birds are still singing out side when I settle Arthur to sleep too 🙂 Have a great week. love Laura xxxx


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