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One of the things on my “home wish-list” was an old church bench. I have wanted one for such a long time, either to use by the front door as a place to kick off shoes, or to use at the dining table. I am thrilled to have finally found one perfect for our home. This old bench, steeped in history came from our local church, I love to think of its past, many a prayer whispered on it over its time there. Many years ago the church had it’s roof re-done and it had been taken out and discarded. Unfortunately it had been left out in the rain a long time and has suffered a little bit of decay, but, my dad kindly stored it in his shed for a while to allow it to dry out before I brought it home (along with a few horribly big spiders who had made it their home) to renovate it and give it a new lease of life. After a thorougher brush down and hoover it was ready to be restored. Oh yes and there was the small matter of sneaking it past my husband, who at the time was adamant that we didn’t have room for yet another rescued piece of furniture… I am thrilled to say he eventually came round to the idea – And he loves it now!

The seat was in a bad way so I screwed some batons of wood to the underside for some extra support. Then, I was eager to get the paint brushes out, I gave it two coats of primer before applying two top coats of furniture paint in Dove Grey (left over from this project here) The colour I have chosen is so very close in tone to the walls which are painted in Dulux Gentle Fawn. At first I wasn’t sure if it was such a good idea to use a colour so similar to the walls, however, once I put all the furniture back in place I was really pleased with the the choice. It really blends in to the room without being a dominant statement and it works especially well with the dining table.

Whats on your “home wish-list”? If we had room I would love a vintage linen cupboard to store towels and bedlinen… might have to save that for the forever house.

Have a great week
Love Laura x

2 thoughts on “Church Bench Renovation

  1. Laura

    A lovely restoration! I’ve just renovated a glass cabinet but I’ve no idea what to put in it yet, my linen isnt pretty enough for display I don’t think!

    1. Laura Goble Post author

      Hi Laura, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I saw your lovely linen cupboard on insta, I imagine it would look lovely stacked with fabric and maybe a basket of wool. It could be your craft cupboard 🙂

      Lots of love Laura xxx


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