grounding myself in the present


Last night, after a particularly busy day full of chores, I lay awake wondering and worrying about whether I was doing my very best as a mother, to help guide and shape my son as he grows and develops. I am sure I am not alone with these thoughts – we all want what is best for our children, but it doesn’t stop the self doubt creep in from time to time.

Being a parent comes with a huge responsibility one that, at times, can feel so incredibly overwhelming, Every day Arthur is soaking up his surroundings, learning from my husband and I, watching us and mimicking our actions, it is so very endearing to see. Only yesterday we watched him lovingly wipe his teddy’s mouth with a cloth. It reminded me that we are his biggest role models and we set the tone in which he will grow.

Being a mother is one of the greatest privileges in life – to bring a small person into the world, to love and nurture, to help grow and develop. It is all too easy to loose sight of the bigger picture when the daily ‘to do’ list seems never ending and keeping on top of the house can sometimes feel like I’m chasing my tail, what I must remember is that these early days of childhood are fleeting and yet so very important, the chores most certainly can wait. I am reminded to ground myself in the present, to absorb all of the little moments and allow time within a busy day to play out to a slower rhythm, to get down on the floor more often and see the world through the eyes of my boy and drink in his wonderment as he explores his world.

2 thoughts on “grounding myself in the present

  1. Susan

    What a lovemy read. I too chased my tail when my son was small and at times it was all too overwhelming: the responsibility of motherhood was massive, trying to be my own version of superwoman/ housewife too meant I lost out on the sheer joy of babytimes, but I’ve learned to relaxed my own rules. Now these past few years as my boy grows up everything else can wait. The years truly fly by. Your gorgeous boy reminds me of my son, the lovely dark hair, delicate facial features and swarthy skin. My son is seven now and I’m about to pick him up from school and head straight to the beach, the shorts and towel and snacks are packed…. the homework can wait a while today!

    1. Laura Goble Post author

      Hi Susan thank you for your lovely message and advice on slowing down. The time does fly and little ones grow so quickly. I love the sound of you seaside adventure after school, that will be lovely – where memories are made. Enjoy your day.
      Love Laura xxx


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