May // whispers of summer

WeMadeThisHome_StylingSeasonsMay4 WeMadeThisHome_StylingSeasonsMay5WeMadeThisHome_StylingSeasonsMay1 WeMadeThisHome_StylingSeasonsMay8May is a particularly beautiful month isn’t it, our corner of the world is looking particularly lush at the moment and we have been treated to glorious weather most of this month, lovely sunshine days with a sky as blue as the forget-me-nots and what a delight to see the garden really come to life with self seeded plants which have been looking after themselves.

Styling the Seasons is a monthly project set up by katy and Charlotte to style a surface in our homes that reflects the season and think about what it means to us. This month I have been inspired by blues and whites and I am so pleased to see the return of the forget-me-nots in our garden, they are such a sweet little flower. I have chosen to style a corner of our mantle piece in our living room with flowers gathered from the garden in a little blue and white cornish jug and glass milk bottle, for me I think it whispers that summer is on the way. Happy days.

how are you celebrating the season?

5 thoughts on “May // whispers of summer

  1. Katy

    Oh, this is so pretty and I love the title of your post, which sums May up perfectly! Cornish ware and Forget-me-nots – surely the most perfect combination ever xx

  2. Tina Lovatt

    Beautiful image. I was lucky to have worked at the pottery where Cornish blue was made. I loved it. I may have had a part in the making of that jug! Ha ha.

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