The slow rhythm of summer

This summer has been a slow one, we’ve allowed many of the days to unfold without any real plans which has been quite lovely especially as we are adjusting to our new family rhythm. We have taken lots of little walks together, paddled in the stream, played in the garden and enjoyed lots of picnics – picnics are my favourite! In some ways this season has reminded me so very much of my own childhood summers – we were never rushed and alway encouraged to play freely, I’m sure it is in these moments of unstructured time that the imaginations of little ones grow.

A few weeks back we let our imaginations run wild as we took a little trip down to a stream we have recently discovered near our home. We waded our way through a meadow which was a jungle of wild flowers, so rich in colour – nature knows the colours that go so beautifully doesn’t it! We foraged for blackberries along the way and when we finally reached the little stream we floated paper boats and fished with an old jam jar. Arthur was in his element as he scooped up grit from the bed hoping to catch the tiny shrimp. After paddling in the water we sat up on the little bridge and ate our picnic, it was the most perfect time and one I want to remember forever. I often wonder if any of these little adventures will be the ones Arthur tells his own children about one day.

This post is written in collaboration with Hammam and Home who kindly gifted us with the turkish towels. I am thrilled to share them here with you, not only are they beautiful, they are perfect to use as picnic rugs, they are lightweight and take up very little space in my mama bag, not to mention they are great for drying of little feet after a paddle in the stream. Thank you for supporting the brands who support this space.

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