Hello, I am Laura, writer and photographer behind We Made This Home, a lifestyle blog documenting the seasons through motherhood and making home. Across the pages, you will find styled corners of our home, craft projects and recipes alongside tales of family life whilst seeking joy amongst the ordinary day to day moments.

making home

Our little home is a place of comfort and a sense of belonging, it represents a journey and it tells our story. Memories have been made here, both of happy times and of testing times, treasures found along the way fill the rooms, each piece destined to be apart of this story. Our home is an organic ever-changing space that grows with us, week by week, month by month, It is the place where our creativity has the freedom to be expressed in ways that reflect just how we are feeling in any given season.


From time to time I write openly and honestly about my journey into motherhood and about the devastation of babyloss. Writing and sharing, for me, is a form of therapy and is a way of validating a very real and very raw experience. Motherhood has tested me, it has shown me how fragile life can be, every part of my journey has shown me emotions I didn’t know I could feel, from the depths of despair to the very heights joy. If you are new to this blog you can read about our painful journey into parenthood here. Loosing our twins, who were stillborn at 34 weeks, was a heartbreaking time for my husband and I. However, it remains the single most powerful experience, which has taught us so much about our own personal strength and cherishing the life we have. A little over a year later, after what seemed like a long and scary pregnancy, we welcomed our third son in to the world who brought with him a huge amount of healing.


the creative in me

There is nothing more satisfying than creating something yourself and standing back to admire your handiwork is there? I am an optimist and a do-er, I love at least to give things ago even it the end results are a little wobbly. I have a degree in graphic design and have worked as a designer with over 10 years experience. I love to sew, to knit and crochet, I am slow but I enjoy the process. I love to make and to bake, to write and to dream. This blog marries my passion for photography and interior styling with my love of capturing and documenting the ever-changing seasons of our home.

work with me

If you would like to collaborate on a creative blog post and you feel your brand would be of interest with readers of We Made This Home then please do get in touch, I would love to discuss ideas with you. I have recently worked with Laura Ashley, Etsy, Susie Watson Designs and Mirins Copenhagen.

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