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Painted Wicker Storage Baskets

I fell in love with wicker storage baskets many years ago when we stayed at a hotel in Iceland; all the comfy chairs in the sitting room had a basket in reach, full of cozy blankets to snuggle up warm whilst waiting for the Northern Lights to appear and illuminate the night sky. Sadly, low cloud coverage meant we did not get the chance to see the Northern Lights, but I did, however, decide to recreate that cozy feeling back home and ever since our trip we have had a basket next to our sofa filled with cozy blankets to wrap around us when we feel a little chilly. 

Wicker baskets are a stylish and practical storage solution that can add an extra layer of colour and texture to a room whilst keeping things tidy. With a little one and all his toys I have found a real need to keep things organised so that our day flows easily between play time and time to relax at the end of the day. Storage baskets are great for scooping up toys, smaller baskets for small items like building blocks, larger baskets for blankets, and trunks are perfect for books and magazines. I recently spotted some really fabulous painted storage baskets on Pinterest and wanted to recreate the look.


Quick and simple craft projects are my favourite kind of project, I love putting my own creative stamp on something ordinary for the love of the process and for the tales I can tell along the way. Isn’t it great when someone compliments something you have created to reply “I made it myself” with a beaming smile. This week I was given the opportunity to tested out the Laura Ashley decorative furniture paint on the Kubu wicker storage baskets and I absolutely love the result.
I masked off areas of the baskets with masking tape and painted them with a small paint brush, working simultaneously between the inside and outside to avoid drips collecting between the wicker. Once I had finished painting the baskets I removed the masking tape before the paint had chance to dry to avoid the paint chipping off.
Kabul Oval Basket painted in Duck Egg filled with blankets, we love this Dylan Check Steel Throw
I am thrilled with this tidy little corner, the light from the large window washes in and brightens the room even on the greyest of days and the addition of this rustic storage solution fills me with great joy, gosh, it feels almost like spring is on the way. I have painted the bottom third of the large Kubu Trunk in Dove Grey leaving the top part clear, I love the contrast in colour. I have also painted an old suitcase in the same paint to work with it. 
Have you tried the Laura Ashley Decorative Paint? What are your favourite quick and simple craft projects?
Laura xxx



This is a collaborative project with Laura Ashley

Pressed Flower Candle Inspired By The Hedgerow

Last week I spent a sunny afternoon picking a few wild flowers from the hedgerow whilst out walking, I brought them home and pressed them using my Laura Ashley flower press.

Between each layer of parchment paper I laid out the petals in different positions in order to get a variety of different shapes before tightening up the butterfly screws and waiting a week before revealing the little gems pressed inside. 

I was thrilled with the result, the wild flowers I chose worked really well. I decided the petals would look lovely arranged on a pillar candle as a gift. 

To create a pressed flower pillar candle you will need:Flowers
Flower Press
Pillar Candle
Tea-light Candle and Matches

1. Start by pressing your flowers a week in advance. I found lots of tiny flowers and petrels are best
2. Melt the wax in the tea-light this wax will bond the petals to the pillar candle
3. Using tweezers carefully dip the petals in the molten wax and place on the pillar candle 
4. Allow the wax to set

Laura Ashley Handmade Christmas Bloggers Event

Last week I took a little trip down to London to join the Laura Ashley team and fellow bloggers for the Laura Ashley Handmade Christmas Bloggers Event. I know we are some way off Christmas yet, but oh boy am I excited for the festive season now. The venue was was a winter wonderland, decked out with the new Autumn/Winter range to swoon over, there was delicious food, and festive craft activities to get stuck into.

The Laura Ashley christmas collection is something to really get excited about, I could quite easily have bundled up the lot and taken it home. I absolutely loved the white and silver range featured top left. It is such an elegant collection with lots of glitter and sparkle. The silver table runner, snowflake placemats and clear glass decorations paired with fragrant white candles would make the perfect centrepiece for any winter themed dinner party. 

I also loved the more traditional range of christmas decorations. When it comes to styling my home for the festive season I adore a mix of red and vintage gold colours paired with objects foraged from nature, I think it adds a wonderful sense of warmth and cozieness to any room. The Winter Fruits Pillar Candle and frosted pine cones makes such a lovely little display idea for when the cake stand isn’t stocked up with mince piesโ€ฆ 
Another piece that was my favourite and is now on my wish list, is the beautiful festive garland, it is just stunning.
I made a festive floral crown and decorated a stocking, both of which were so easy to make and lots of fun, I will have to show you in a separate blog post. 

The Evening went by far too quickly, it was lovely to meet up with everyone there and share a fun evening together. Don’t forget to check out the full range of christmas products over on the Laura Ashley website.

Laura ๐Ÿ™‚

Styling Inspiration for the Bedroom

I can’t believe how fast the first part of this year has flown by! I started my blog back in January to share the journey my husband and I are taking as we do up our first house and make it home. Any form of DIY had been put on hold mainly due to funds running low and a pure lack of motivation. 

However, it appears, over the last few weeks we have found our DIY mojo and we are getting back into the swing of things *yay*. The next room on the ‘to do’ list is our main bedroom. I have dreamt of doing up this room since we got the keys, two and a half years ago, the time has finally come where I can start getting excited and putting together some moodboards and ideas on how I want to turn it into the perfect bedroom. The collection above is an initial thought based on colour and texture – I like the idea of using a neutral colour palette with an accents of dusky pink. I also really love the idea of layering textures to create a soft and calm space… somewhere to come at the end of the day to relax into a good night sleep. 

Im dreaming big and I am so excited….

This is where the journey of my dream bedroom starts:

I hope our little spell of motivation continues over the coming months and I will keep you as we go. Have a great week.

Laura ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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