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Simple Rolled Beeswax candles

We have recently been enjoying burning our own rolled beeswax candles, especially at breakfast time now that the mornings are so dark. There is something quite special about starting our day this way, despite it usually being a rush to get up and out. Lighting a candle seems to bring a little peace amongst the hustle and bustle of the morning rush.

I first discovered these wonderfully simple homemade candles over on Polly’s blog (here) and I couldn’t wait to have a go myself. I ordered the beeswax sheets and wick in bulk from Live Moor, the wax is 100% pure and natural. Did you know that burning beeswax candles actually helps to purify the air in your home?

Here’s how to make your own simple candles: Cut the beeswax sheet to size and warm it between your palms to make it malleable, this will prevent it from cracking when it’s rolled. I find warming my hands on my coffee mug first to be best! Then take the wick and tightly fold the wax around it before rolling up. Smoothe the edge with your fingertip to finish it off. Simple!

As we are fast approaching the gift giving season I have decided that these would make the perfect simple gift to give to our friends and family, handmade gifts are the best aren’t they? We have tied our candles together with twine and added seedheads, sprigs of fir or eucalyptus to make them feel extra special.

Are you making any of your Christmas gifts this year?

Thank you Polly for the wonderful idea.

Wreath making with Pod & Pip

Wreath making marks the beginning of the festivities for us here, it has become a little bit of a tradition now after six years of decorating our front door at the beginning of December,  I love making things for our home especially at this time of year. I think the wreath we have made this time may be my favourite, not least because it looks and smells beautiful but because my boy helped me make.

I was delighted when Sarah from Pod & Pip got in touch a while back to ask if I would like to try one of their winter wreath-making kits, which comes compleat with all you need to create your own wreath, including a copper hoop, floristry wire, moss and plenty of fresh seasonal greenery and berries. It really is a treat to receive such a beautiful package through the post and set aside some time to get creative. This would make such a wonderful gift for a friend too.

I love how this wreath has turned out, not least because Arthur and I made some happy memories together but because it has turned out really beautiful, much prettier than any of the wreaths I have made in the past. There was plenty of fresh fir and eucalyptus in the box to really fill it out and I love the deep blue berries as something a little different.

Do you like to make a wreath for your door over the festive season? My top tip for keeping your wreath looking fresh all season is to lay it on the lawn overnight every now and again to keep the moss damp.

Handmade // baby gym

This is quite possibly my favourite DIY project ever! Not least because seeing our littlest enjoy playing with it makes me smile, but because we all had a part in making it together as a family, including Arthur who helped Daddy drill the holes.

Many of the baby gyms we have seen online are brightly coloured, whilst they serve good purpose, they are not our taste and would only make our small living room seem much smaller and feel cluttered. What we really wanted was one that, not only provided entertainment for Rupert but one that was made from natural materials that felt like it belonged in our home and fitted with our simple style. Making our own was the perfect solution and it was so easy too.

To make your own baby gym you will need:

4 x 400mm length of wood, the pieces here are 20mm wide
1 x 400mm length of dowel
2-3 packs of wooden beads (we found ours here)
1.5m (approx) of ribbon, we have used hand-dyed silk scraps
Drill (including drill bit to match the dowel + a smaller one)


Cut the wood to length, the measurements above are approximate but work well. We mitred the bottom edges with a 45 degree angle so it sits flat to the ground when opened out

Using a drill bit the same width as the dowel, drill a hole at the top of each length of wood. Then drill a small hole mid way down each length of wood.

Push the dowel into the holes at the top of the wood (two on each side, this will create the A-frame structure)

Sand any rough edges

Thread some ribbon through the smaller holes on the A-frame, this will stop the frame opening out too far

Thread a series of beads on to ribbon and tie them to the dowel at the top

Over time we planning to add different things to hang down from the bar at the top to keep it interesting. As autumn is upon us we thought fir cones and dried crunchy leaves might be a nice idea for a different texture. Or some bells to add a different sound. But for now, we love it as it is and its really lovely to see Rupert happily explore it with his hands and feet.

For those who may be interested:

Rupert’s romper  // Wilbur the wooden stacking dog* // Wooden rattle // Bear rattle* // Wicker toy basket* // This is not a sponsored post although the products marked with * were sent to us as a gift. 

Natural Beeswax Food Wraps

In a bid to live a little more with good intentions and be a little more mindful of the things I buy and consume I have been looking into natural and homemade things for our home to help make the “everyday” chores and necessities a little more joyful. Reusable, natural beeswax food wraps are the perfect alternative to using clingfilm and tin foil to keep food fresh, not only do they look and feel more beautiful to use they are also a good choice to make when thinking about cutting down on waste and making an intentional decision to do our bit for the environment.

I find making things for our home to be both joyful and satisfying, even more so when the finished result serves a good purpose and is something really useful. These beeswax food wraps are really simple to make, just sprinkle a few natural beeswax pellets onto a piece of clean, natural, unbleached cotton and pop in the oven* on a low heat for five to ten minutes. Once the wax has melted into the cotton it is time to take them out and allow to cool.

The wraps can be used over and over again for months providing they are kept clean between use. Use a little soap, rinse with cold water and leave to air dry. The warmth of your hands is enough to make them malleable enough to wrap.

Here are some great reasons to give them ago:

  • Natural beeswax has antibacterial properties and is safe to use with food.
  • The wraps can be used again and again eliminating waste
  • Eco-friendly
  • The process of making something useful for your home is highly satisfying
  • A beautiful alternative and it won’t get all tangled up like clingfilm tends to do

Do you like to make things for your home that are both beautiful and useful? Please do share your makes with me I would love to hear them.

Laura xxx

*use an old baking tray