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August // a celebration & A big Thank you


I wanted to bring together all that I have grown in our garden for this month’s Styling the Season post as a little floral celebration and a way of documenting just how much joy our garden has brought us this year – it is the first year that we have tended the garden and it really has been such a happy little process. Just look at all that colour and, my goodness, it smells so good! You will just have to believe me!

This month is sadly the last month that Katy and Charlotte are hosting the Styling the Seasons project and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big, BIG thank you to them both for inspiring me to pause each month, taking time to reflect on the changing season around me, and channeling those thoughts in a creative way by styling a surface within my home. The monthly project has been my favourite and I have always looked forward to sharing the posts with you, my readers. The project has been a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and Instagramers too,  the gallery (#StylingTheSeasons) is so inspirational from both a creative point of view and a mindful one too. We all live such busy lives don’t we, it can be hard to find the time to settle for a moment and to connect with our surrounding, but Styling the Seasons has been a great encourager for doing just that and I do hope to continue the journey and sharing my seasonal thoughts here on my blog.

A big thank you, Katy and Charlotte.
Love Laura x

July // Seeking the light


I love this time of year when the evening light is golden. I caught the last of the fading sun yesterday just as it was dipping behind the rooftops, casting pools of light and dark across this old wooden chest that belonged to my grandpa many years ago. I have filled one of the drawers with some pretty roses that I rescued from the rain.

I have been thinking a lot about what this month means to me and how I can reflect that in my Styling the Seasons post for July. It has been a month of many mixed emotions, with sadness in the news and sadness a little closer to home too. With that said though, I have had a lovely month with my little family and friends old and new.

The thing that has been on my mind almost continuously this month is my faith as a Christian, I felt a little lost and needed some guidance and direction, and guess what… I believe my prayer was answered. I met a mother – a new friend – at a children’s birthday party recently who spoke to me about her faith so openly, much of what she said answered the questions I had been seeking the answers too and it really inspired me to look inward. Was it just chance that we joined in conversation? Or was it a greater forces that led us to that moment, because we, in fact, prayed for help on our journies as Christians? I feel that moments like that are real testament that God does work within us if we are willing to take notice.

And so, I guess my styled surface for July reflects the light and the dark that I have experienced this month through my own personal journies, reminding me to be grateful for all that I have, to seek out the answers to questions from within and to love with my whole heart.

Styling The Seasons is a monthly project set up by Katy and Charlotte, an idea that challenges us to be mindful of the changing season from month to month and how it can be reflected with in our homes. It is also a really great way of taking a moment within our busy lives to think about how we feel and how our surroundings can reflect positivity.

June // eagerly awaiting the peony


June has been all kinds of wonderful, we have been so so busy this month with visits to see good friends, play dates and even a little bit of freelance work squeezed in for good measure which has been just great. And off cause June is the peonies flowering season, which, for me at least, is most anticipated since they are a firm favourite of mine, I couldn’t imagine a summer garden without them.

I have looked forward to putting this months Styling the Seasons post together for a while now and knew I wanted feature our garden grown peonies. However, after eagerly waiting for the flowers to bloom, I was most disappointed we only got three flower heads and they had been battered by the rain over night – such a shame, but I guess thats the way things go sometimes… My parents, however, have been lucky and their pink peony has been looking absolutely beautiful so before it went over I just had to pinch snip off a few blooms to bring home to enjoy this week.

In amongst the business of this month I wanted to carve out a moment of calm just for me to enjoy, I set aside a little time to create and photograph this little table scene which is always something that gives me great pleasure. I wanted to focus on the beauty of my favourite bloom and I have chosen to style them on my old table with a beautiful piece of old crumpled fabric, I love the torn edges and creases for a rustic look. I have styled the blooms in my new hopped churn jug which is from the Burleigh Pottery Natural Whiteware range and popped two unopened buds in a little milk glass. I have also shuffled about some prints on the wall and have made room to included my favourite quote “do small things with with great love” which is a great reminder to live simply, to seek out the things that give you pleasure and to take time over the things you enjoy even if it is just taking half an hour out to arrange your favourite blooms in a jug.

Styling The Seasons is a monthly project set up by Katy and Charlotte, an idea that challenges us to be mindful of the changing season from month to month and how it can be reflected within our homes. It’s a great excuse to shuffle furniture around and play “stylist” with our favourite things. It is also a really great way of taking a moment within our busy lives to think about how we feel and how our surroundings can reflect positivity, I hope you have found some beauty this month too.

Thank you to the lovely folk at Burliegh Pottery who have collaborated with me this month – what a beautiful collection of tableware to peruse!  

May // whispers of summer

WeMadeThisHome_StylingSeasonsMay4 WeMadeThisHome_StylingSeasonsMay5WeMadeThisHome_StylingSeasonsMay1 WeMadeThisHome_StylingSeasonsMay8May is a particularly beautiful month isn’t it, our corner of the world is looking particularly lush at the moment and we have been treated to glorious weather most of this month, lovely sunshine days with a sky as blue as the forget-me-nots and what a delight to see the garden really come to life with self seeded plants which have been looking after themselves.

Styling the Seasons is a monthly project set up by katy and Charlotte to style a surface in our homes that reflects the season and think about what it means to us. This month I have been inspired by blues and whites and I am so pleased to see the return of the forget-me-nots in our garden, they are such a sweet little flower. I have chosen to style a corner of our mantle piece in our living room with flowers gathered from the garden in a little blue and white cornish jug and glass milk bottle, for me I think it whispers that summer is on the way. Happy days.

how are you celebrating the season?